Waterbirth v. TENS machine

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Re: Waterbirth v. TENS machine

Postby fothers » 04 Feb 2009, 19:22

I loved my TENS- the midwife had to force me to take it off when I started pushing :oops:

The physio department of our local hospital loans them out for £10 or so, so they are quite industrial ones, the batteries last ages and the sitcky pads are really adhesive and reusable (but new for each person). I had contractions on and off for a few hours at a time the day before labour REALLY started and I wore it then and for the big event.

I think the pain relief helped but also it was the routine of pressing the boost button and releasing it when the contraction ended- it gave me something else to focus on.

Definitely practice with it though and get it on at the first twinge. Don't forget spare batteries either.....
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Re: Waterbirth v. TENS machine

Postby monicawoodlm » 13 Jan 2016, 09:22

I’ve got a story of my pregnancy. Like all other pregnant women I was frightened and happy at the same time. It was about my due date of pregnancy. I was lucky in case of my pregnancy as I live in a place where there is a boom of water birth.

We have ordered some midwives as I always wanted the delivery of my baby in a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Midwives arrived in some time. We have ordered a pool. My husband and midwives quickly filled the pool with water.

I could hardly feel any pain because of the buoyant effect of water. As water is a great healer in itself. Soon came the time when I delivered my sweet little baby girl . I could see my baby being born as I had not to follow any instructions of doctors.

I was in my comfortable position. This was the most beautiful experience. I enjoyed every bit of it and that too without any pain because midwives assisted me so well.

At the time of my pregnancy Monica and molly supported me and helped in giving birth comfortable without any sever pain. If you are considering home birth then i must suggest you to hire the services of certified midwives as they are experienced and trained in this field.
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