Amniotic Bands?

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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby StJuniper » 08 Jan 2016, 03:09

Thank-you for the support, everybody. Feeling better today. Had a lot of irl people offer support and prayer too, and this:

Doctor Google says misdiagnosis is common and detailed follow-up ultrasounds are necessary to confirm. Hopefully you'll get to have a lovely 3D ultrasound that rules it out.

helped a lot. Instead of just googling 'amniotic bands' and reading about people's miscarriages and horror stories I googled 'amniotic bands misdiagnosis' and was able to read some stories of it turning out to be nothing. Feeling more steady and hopeful today.
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby EnigmaFish » 09 Jan 2016, 23:25

Glad to hear you're feeling more hopeful now. Remember, emotions you're feeling have no logical impact on physical things that are happening. That being said, of course it's natural to think that if there's something wrong it must be your fault. Be gentle with yourself, have some more hugs, and know that we are all thinking of you come the 18th.
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby pimento » 10 Jan 2016, 07:35

WTAS and huge hugs ((()))
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby amyycooper89 » 15 Jan 2016, 12:17

Amniotic band syndrome is a rare condition caused by strands of the amniotic sac that separate and entangle digits, limbs, or other parts of the fetus. This constriction can cause a variety of problems depending on where strands are located and how tightly they are wrapped.

The developing fetus floats in amniotic fluid in the mother's uterus. What keeps the fluid around the fetus and in the uterus is a sac. This sac has 2 layers which are stuck together: the outermost layer which lines the uterus is called the "chorion", and the layer closer to the fetus is called the "amnion".
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby StJuniper » 20 Jan 2016, 19:55

Thanks for all the hugs and hand-holding, everyone. I saw the OB yesterday after a second scan Monday, and it looks like ches was right-- a misdiagnosis. Little lady is doing just fine and I'm so relieved :)
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby Cofa's Tree » 20 Jan 2016, 20:11

Phew, that's great news :) . So relieved for you too!
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby mamapup » 20 Jan 2016, 20:16

Oh phew. That's wonderful news. So so pleased for you all. Xxx
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby yorkshirepudding » 20 Jan 2016, 20:22

That is such fantastic news, what a relief! :D
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby Treeb » 20 Jan 2016, 20:26

On that's wonderful news StJ! You must be so relieved.
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby Lily » 20 Jan 2016, 21:06

Wonderful news!
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 20 Jan 2016, 21:11

Brilliant news! So pleased to hear that all is well x
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby Kanga » 20 Jan 2016, 21:53

Brilliant! X
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby lizandimo » 21 Jan 2016, 00:43

That's great news!
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby ches » 21 Jan 2016, 03:32

Woo hoo! Dr. Google FTW! :bsmile
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Re: Amniotic Bands?

Postby emzit » 21 Jan 2016, 04:11

Dr Google saying something helpful for a change! Woohoo!

So relieved for you both!
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