Pregnancy and high BMI

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Pregnancy and high BMI

Postby ceem » 05 Jun 2015, 10:01

Hiya, I haven't been on here for a few weeks but am pleased to say everything is going well so far with our rainbow baby, I am 16 weeks now.

I am looking for some advice if anyone has been in the same position about being pregnant with a high BMI of around 31. I am technically classed as obese as I am 5 foot tall and over 11 stone. I was 11.6 when I got pregnant, then droppd to 11.2 by 10 weeks and am now 11.3 so am doing ok so far. Im just a bit worried about my weight an how will affect labour/birth and postnatally. I was on slimming world before I got pregnant and am aiming to carry that on my Midwife has recommended it.

Luckily we have gone with a private midwife this time who is a lot more relaxed than the NHS would be, im planning a HBAC whereas I know if I was with NHS they would probably be recommending a hospital birth with constant monitoring and intervention etc which I don't want. Laos the NHS say no to waterbirth due to my weight as if there was an emergency they wouldn't be able to haul me out whereas im plaaning a pool at home so I am able to move more freely.

My MW offered a dietician apt at the hosp but I have declined as I don't want to be pressured into a hospital birth. She has also offered a GTT at 28 weeks but I don't know wethter to have it as im no that obese and also you can get a lot of false positives and a positives generally means induction/csec. My MW has also advised me to only gain around a stone in the whole pregnancy, which is half of what I have gained with my other children. But I have never been this heavy, when I got pregnant with DD I was 8 stone 7 and DS I was 10 stone 2.

Sorry this is so rambly, any advice ladies? x
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Re: Pregnancy and high BMI

Postby yorkshirepudding » 05 Jun 2015, 12:14

Sorry no advice but glad to see you on here, 16 weeks, wow! Been thinking about you and hoping everything was ok :)

Glad to hear you've got a private mw who is listening to you. If you can afford it would it be worth going to a private dietician, so you don't feel pressured to do the hospital birth?
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Re: Pregnancy and high BMI

Postby pirate_han » 05 Jun 2015, 18:09

Glad to hear everything is going well ceem :) I'm 5'6 but weigh around the same. Nobody said a word to me about my weight on booking in, in either pregnancy. I get hyperemesis so my weight drops pretty quickly, but I don't think ever to 'slim' level. I've never had a GTT. I had a planned section with A, but with B I wanted, and tried to have (it ended in EMCS but I started!) a water birth at the midwifery centre, and nobody ever mentioned my weight when discussing this.
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Re: Pregnancy and high BMI

Postby ceem » 06 Jun 2015, 15:42

Thanks for your replies ladies,

PirateHan... I don't think its my weight on its own that's the problem, rather its my weight aswell as my short height that gives me a high BMI. I think given your numbers your BMI is in the "overweight" category ie under 30? but mine is over 30 which menas I am "red-flagged" for problems in pregnancy. I wonder though if I lost enough weight to take my BMI below 30 would I be taken off the high risk list?
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Re: Pregnancy and high BMI

Postby Fozza » 06 Jun 2015, 18:19

My BMI was high for my boys, 31 too iirc (5'9" 16st for A). It's only just over the limit. I was told I needed to have GTT and cons appt to discuss anesthetic but they were supportive of home birth though as I was tall and 'not that over weight', apparently and GTT was clear. As long as you are physically active and strong you should feel confident. I recommend you try some pregnancy yoga to help. I'm still going to SW too and it's fits nicely for pgcy.
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Re: Pregnancy and high BMI

Postby FestiveTidings » 06 Jun 2015, 19:11

Probably you would but dieting during pregnancy isn't ideal, I naturally lost weight during my pregnancies just because I made an effort to eat well but I was constantly advised not to lose any more weight. I was on the high risk list. I'm 5ft 2" and around 17st 8lbs (at least that's what I was when I last weighed myself about 4 months ago.

I wanted a home birth 2nd time round but I was strongly advised against it because of my previous section. They were happy to do vbac but because of the risk of uterine rupture they were nervous about a home birth. However if I hadn't had a previous section, they would have had no problem with it as I remained fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy - right up until the end when I developed low platelets so would have had to have had a hospital birth due to the risk of hemmorage.

I think it does depend on your nhs region though. I attended a metabolic clinic that specialised it pregnancies for both overweight and underweight women and I never felt like I was being told what to do. Everything was explained to me, including the risks in an honest and open way, which to be honest, often contradicted my own consultants view. I would often as to see the clinic consultant after I had seen my appointed consultant, to talk things over with her.

I did get GTT's with both pregnancies, and because of the extra weight, got one at 32wks for both pregnancies too. Bigger ladies tend to have bigger babies unfortunately, and gestational diabetes is more common among them too. (Roo (7lbs 8oz, but The Wee One was 9lbs 11oz)! I took all I could because I have insulin resistance anyway and wanted to be sure nothing was adversely affected.

That said, if I hadn't have had the low platelets or the previous section I would have pushed for a home birth so don't let them bully you. Question everything, every bit of advice or recommendation, ask why - what's the reason? It was only when I started asking why did alternatives appear.
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Re: Pregnancy and high BMI

Postby Marrow » 06 Jun 2015, 20:12

This might not be relevant. And it tangentially concerns stuff going wrong in childbirth, so you might want to stop reading now. Feel free to ask me to delete this post.

Consent is a massive hot potato in the NHS at the moment, following the case of Montgomery vs Lanarkshire Health Board in March this year. The outcome of this ruling is (as I understand it) that patients need to be kept more informed, and treated like intelligent adults who can understand benefit and risk. The pendulum has swung even more away from "doctor knows best".

There may well be real risks in your pregnancy - I'm not in any way saying there aren't, I don't know. But my impression is that you should now be able to get yourself clued up about the risks and make the decisions about how to handle those risks for yourself.
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Re: Pregnancy and high BMI

Postby wacky12 » 07 Jun 2015, 12:43

I think they are being very (overly) cautious where you are - I would have been 'allowed' a water birth if the pool had been available, but I took the last bed in the ward when I had wackyboy. I was GD (allegedly), 17 st (BMI of 35 at 10 weeks), overdue, and 'supposed' to have a 12lb+ troll who was going to get stuck. He was 10lb 9 oz. and a beanpole (still is).

Research, research and more research. Medical peeps can only advise, not tell you what to do, they don't have the right to make any decisions for you. Not even your husband/partner does.
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