Pregnancy status updates (May)

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Re: Pregnancy status updates (May)

Postby Marrow » 28 May 2015, 15:06

<not reading the pregnancy boards, honest>

<not Maggie, really honestly honest>

Fuz chan, please don't let a fear of x-rays stop you getting the treatment you need. In the UK, dentists are very cautious (overly so, in my opinion, but better to be overly cautious than overly reckless) of x-raying pregnant women. In Japan, maybe less so but still.

The radiation dose to a fetus from an intraoral dental X-ray is fractions of microSv, compared to annual natural background of a few mSv (i.e. more than 1000 times higher). You would get a higher radiation dose from a flight (because you have less atmosphere shielding you from cosmic radiation). Other types of dental x-ray have higher doses than intraorals, but they are still tiny. We don't get really worked up about X-raying a possibly pregnant woman unless we are doing images between nipple and knee.

Unless you just don't like X-rays and its nothing to do with the radiation. In which case, forget I said anything!
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Re: Pregnancy status updates (May)

Postby Treeb » 28 May 2015, 20:43

So glad to hear your results CT, and congrats on it being a girl!

I hope your meeting with the supervisor went well today mindy!

I am really hating this stage of the pregnancy... it's just all useless waiting. I know baby could be here any time now, but she could also wait 3.5 more weeks! I keep reading into every little twinge/mood swing/ache/etc. and thinking "oh, maybe something is starting!" and of course it's not yet. Sat-Sun this weekend my parents are driving a few hours in the opposite direction from here to bring my sister to her summer internship, so with my luck that is probably when things will start to happen! (Sorry, it seems I just come on this thread to whine all the time. I'm just ready to stop lugging around this huge belly and can't wait for my beautiful baby snuggles!)
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Re: Pregnancy status updates (May)

Postby Fuz-Chan » 28 May 2015, 20:46

Marron - good to know. I'm moving a fair distance on Tuesday, but have a dentist friend at the other end who I think will help me out around the protocols and rules if I need her to. She took a wisdom tooth out a few years ago when her father (also a dentist) said it would need surgery. I might contact her...
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Re: Pregnancy status updates (May)

Postby busmother » 30 May 2015, 19:05

MIndy, I don't know what things are like at your hospital, but I too was high risk and so couldn't use the midwife-led birthing centre. And they were all very lovely in the main hospital. My labour ended up being pretty straightforward and there was no sign of a doctor until the very end when the baby was struggling a bit and they thought they might have to use a ventouse. But she was completely in the background and they consulted me all the way. I did have to be connected to the monitor all the time, but was able to use a water bath as pain relief until the last stage which was great. I'm still not convinced retrospectively that it wouldn't have been much better to have had a caesarian, but I can't fault the hospital, so I really hope it works out for you. And good luck to everyone else who's waiting. It gets much better on the other side!
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Re: Pregnancy status updates (May)

Postby mindy » 30 May 2015, 22:12

Treeb, I feel your pain, these last few weeks really drag! I hope you have managed to rest this weekend, and that the baby stays put until your parents return.

Fuz-Chan, how is the tooth, and what have you decided? Hope you feel better very soon.

Thank you for sharing your experiences BM, it means a lot. It sounds like your birth was hard work but a good experience overall, which is the best we can all hope for, ultimately.

Things have developed here, the supervisor of midwives was brilliant on Thursday, spending about an hour explaining things to me, then coming back again that evening in her own time. It has been agreed that I can try for a home birth up until my due date, then negotiate daily monitoring after that with a definite delivery suite birth. I'm seeing the consultant on Monday to discuss this negotiation bit, so things may change again! I'm hoping he will document in my notes to allow the midwife to do a sweep at 39 weeks (she isn't allowed to without authorisation due to my age).

Having said that, I'm well aware that I may feel v different about everything when labour kicks off - how ironic if it turns out I'm begging to be taken to hospital after all this battling for my own way......
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Re: Pregnancy status updates (May)

Postby Fuz-Chan » 30 May 2015, 23:06

At least you're getting somewhere with the midwives though, Mindy!

I have done nothing about it. I'm moving on Tuesday, I'm on my own with my 5 year old and 32 weeks now... trying to pack boxes etc and don't have time to deal with tooth, so I am sucking it up until I get to the new place and can deal with it. The total pain has gone but eating / drinking anything cold hurts a lot. Oh well.
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Re: Pregnancy status updates (May)

Postby Feefielou » 03 Jun 2015, 07:42

Hello again ladies, I'm back to commiserate with all the tiredness. Bit of a heatwave starting up here and my office is becoming rather like an oven. And I am fairly sure I fractured or at least badly bruised a rib with my violent coughing two weeks ago and am now really suffering from it. Mr Feefielou is insistent that I should see a doctor but I reckon a doctor will say there is nothing they can do: they're not going to give me a chest x-ray, even when you're not pregnant there's not a lot of point doing that for a fractured rib unless they suspect something more serious, since it's not like you can put a splint or a cast on a rib. And I can't take strong painkillers. So what are they going to do, other than tell me to take paracetamol? I'm just waiting it out and hoping it will get better, but it's certainly not enjoyable. Plus, all this heat is giving me fat swollen legs and I seem to be gaining weight like there's no tomorrow. Ugh.

Rant over. And hugs all round.
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