Number 3 is here!

More little BLWers in the making... <rubs hands>

Number 3 is here!

Postby busmother » 20 Apr 2015, 16:41

Sorry to keep you all hanging on! Had a slightly mad few days but No 3 (a boy) arrived safely at 9.59 on Thursday morning, 4kg exactly. I went in at 2am after contractions starting at about 10pm on Wednesday night. I pulled a muscle in my back at some point before we left for hospital, and after feeling smug for weeks that he was lying in the right position, he ended up back to back, and lying on a nerve on my leg, so the whole process was pretty painful, but relatively short-lived. They brought out the ventouse but didn't have to use it in the end. At the time I defintely thought I'd have a caesarian next time (not that there is going to be a next time), but of course now I'm appreciating the benefits of not being completely bedridden afterwards. I stayed in overnight, just to get a little bit of peace and quiet, in the lovely new midwife-led birthing centre, and came home at lunchtime on Friday.
Saturday was the buses' 5th birthday party, until 12.30pm so we went to that, and then DH's family came over for the afternoon, my dad arrived that evening, and he wouldn't go back to sleep for most of the night, so I spent most of Sunday in bed (tiredness and sore stitches). My parents went home at 11am today, and DH back to work (he's hoping to space out his paternity leave) so we've been watching lots of Octonauts and working our way through the birthday presents at a terrifying rate today. But he came home early to take them out to the park, so thought I'd better put those of you who have been on tenterhooks out of your suspense.
Oh, and no issues with feeding like last time. As soon as he got anywhere near my nipple he was straight on and hasn't looked back.
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby Cofa's Tree » 20 Apr 2015, 16:50

Congratulations! Glad you are all home and safe. Welcome to the world little one! C x
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby t&n's mummy » 20 Apr 2015, 17:13

Woohoo! Congratulations sounds fabulous, well done both of you! Xx
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby RedRum » 20 Apr 2015, 17:39

Yay!! Congratulations :bsmile

Enjoy the snuggles. Can you train the buses to make you tea while you're nursing?!
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby pirate_han » 20 Apr 2015, 17:44

Congratulations! :)
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby Treeb » 20 Apr 2015, 18:02

Congratulations! :bsmile
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby pimento » 20 Apr 2015, 18:09

Congratulations!!! :D
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby mindy » 20 Apr 2015, 18:14

Big congratulations! Wonderful news, love to you all xx
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby mamapup » 20 Apr 2015, 19:09

Great news, congratulations, you are amazing to have coped with all that so soon
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby EnigmaFish » 20 Apr 2015, 19:13

Congrats! Glad to hear feeding is going well, too.
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby Kanga » 20 Apr 2015, 19:19

Yay, congratulations!
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby yorkshirepudding » 20 Apr 2015, 19:25

Congratulations! Wow, home to a birthday party, well done!
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby nearlymumtobabyfk » 20 Apr 2015, 19:31

Yay! Congratulations :)
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby PicNic » 20 Apr 2015, 19:35

Lovely news :) congratulations to you all.
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Re: Number 3 is here!

Postby Feefielou » 20 Apr 2015, 20:50

Congratulations! And belated happy birthday to the buses too.
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