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Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2015, 14:34
by DIMDongMerrily
Boys are awesome, FC! Yay :)

My dreams are a bit weird sometimes too, and whatever I dream about they seem more vivid during pregnancy. It can be a bit freaky sometimes!

Twenty three weeks (and one day) - I'm almost at my twenty four week 'bench-mark' so hopefully the next few days will pass quickly and then I can start bidding on a few things on eBay! :wink:

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2015, 15:47
by Lily
Ooh, eBay, good luck DIM! I scored a brilliant buggy trailer thingy the other day; we've still got almost all our baby stuff from last time so I'm really enjoying the few opportunities for retail therapy this time round.

I had a terrible nightmare the other week in which I was screaming at Izbiz and destroying all his favourite stuff - tearing up his books, breaking his toys etc etc. It was so heartbreaking and when I woke up, all I could think about was how I'm going to be bringing this destructive new force into his lovely, peaceful little life, and how much the baby will take away from him. It's upsetting me again just thinking about it now, but I've been sleeping much better the last couple of weeks, so hopefully the nightmare phase is passing.

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2015, 18:51
by nearlymumtobabyfk
Hugs for everyone suffering with horrid dreams ((( )))

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2015, 01:24
by Violet_Cue
OB appointment today. Despite having at home BP measurements that range from 120-139/80-89 she measured it at 110/70 - my "usual" - I have to wonder if she is hard of hearing or even knows how to do it. Lol. Luckily she didn't comment otherwise about the monitoring program (since I am feeling it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.)

I'm as far along today as when I had J (36w1) so it feels like I'm at the true waiting point now. :)

And for those who are feeling big I am now 218lbs (15.5 stone) with a total gain of 26lbs so far (1.8 stone) - today's FB bump picture - ... a786399d14

Checking with the nurse I do have to labour in hospital. So as soon as I have 6 actual contractions in an hour I'm on my way in. (Boo) - I plan to take my birthing ball, combs, laptop, and spend as much time as possible in their tub. Wish me luck on keeping them from intervening too much. Lol. I had two days of actual contractions with J before my water broke.

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2015, 09:17
by nearlymumtobabyfk
We look pretty similar in size v_c. Be interesting to see if it translates to similar sized bubs... I also have to go in due to previous c section. I'm going to be taking a suitcase if stuff I think - I am determined to feel comfortable and at home this time..

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2015, 19:36
by Treeb
I hope everyone's been able to get some rest without more horrible dreams! I thankfully haven't had any nightmares yet, although my dreams have been very vivid recently. Also seem to wake up at the slightest thing and then of course have to get up to pee, get water, spend next hour tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep. Have been feeling rather night-ragey at dh any time he accidentally wakes me in the night, though thankfully he has learned now not to cuddle or drape himself over me when I'm trying to sleep (though he still does it sometimes which eventually results in me grumbling and pushing him away to the other side of the bed.)

I also seem to have quite the sweet tooth recently and am really fighting myself trying to eat healthy snacks and not spend my day munching on chocolate and cookies. At least my weight gain seems fairly steady and reasonable so far.

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2015, 12:25
by mindy
Vivid dreams, nightly cramps, irrational rages, and awful, awful back and pubic SPD pain..... Oh the joys of being 23 weeks.

Had an unwelcome visit from step-M-I-L yesterday (not the MIL who told me I should never have got pregnant, I'm lucky enough to have 2....). She and FIL are so incredibly hands-off with the girls, and hugely disapproving of their behaviour, which just makes them play up even more. Anyway, after she had totally ignored both girls for over an hour (resulting in lots of attention-demanding tantrums and general embarrassment), she had the audacity to say 'we are so excited to finally have a grandson on the way. Of course, you will be including David (FIL's name) in the baby's names, won't you?' Er, NO!! This isn't Wolf Hall, in my eyes that privilege needs to be earned, not expected - and I don't like the name!!!

Probably being over sensitive and hormonal, but GGGRRRRR!!

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2015, 12:39
by RedRum
Jeez mindy, deep breaths required, you're definitely not being oversensitive! My (usually amazing) MIL was horrified when I said we were planning for the baby to sleep in our bed, bizarrely concerned with DH's sleep... Well, given that I'm the one with the boobs who'll be waking through the night to feed, and that he sleeps through pretty much anything anyway, I really don't care. Plus he's totally on board anyway, lovely old hippie that he is. MIl then went on to say the SIL slept in her bed till she was 10. Um, ok then...

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 21 Feb 2015, 12:58
by nearlymumtobabyfk
Not sensitive at all Mindy! Grrr on your behalf!!

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2015, 15:23
by CaelaCoo
I'd be fuming too Mindy xx

4 weeks to go!! Got my (hopefully) last scan and consultant appointment tomorrow. I'm hoping he's going to say I can be discharged from consultant care to midwife led care which gives me much more freedom regarding birth plan. Will be interesting to see baby's potential weight.
2 weeks ago he was 4lb 9ozs. Any bets on tomorrow?? I'm betting around 5lb 2oz.

I've really had enough now. I'm fed up with being in constant pain with my lower the top of my pubic bone. If its not that, he's kicked me in the ribs. I'm walking like pingu and even struggle to do that now. I can't really go out anymore as its not worth my pain. I've got constant back ache and my butt feels like it has so many knots a cat may as well as be playing with a ball of wall. Any tips from anyone to cope for the next few weeks??? I'm really hoping he comes sooner rather than later.

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2015, 15:48
by Violet_Cue
CC - my due date by the hospital/ scan puts me at March 20 - so I am right at the same point as you. Hoping he stays in until at least Friday as any earlier and they have "late pre term protocol" to follow - meaning top up with formula, lots of sugar checks, fed by the clock and so on. We did it with J, so I know what to expect, but I don't have to like it.

At the same time I have cramping and BH that border on contractions (I'm supposed to go in at more than 6 in an hour, but I haven't decided any are bad enough to count yet.) and a really weird pressure, low, but not as far as between my hips...

For the pain/ back ache/ butt - a foam roller can be really good for getting them out, but when they come back it is almost worse, and you really have to put up with the pain when you roll them out again. Or even a tennis ball if you can isolate the spot. I had a car accident summer 2013 so I actually have massage for an hour each week which has kept me from being crippled.

Even without the BP monitoring I can't walk more than 10 minutes without pain and pressure and so on.

I'm sneaking out for lunch at a friends later. DH isn't too happy about the idea but I'm a bit stir crazy, and the fact that I could have another 4 weeks of this...

Another biophysical tomorrow so I get to see too. :) I'm going to guess 5lb7oz for yours CC - they really pack on the weight these days. :) Little bit was est 6lb 11oz and 10 days ahead last week. So I am guessing they'll measure over 7lb and 38 weeks at mine. :)

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2015, 16:51
by CaelaCoo
Thanx for the tips vc. Yes I'm due two days after.

I obviously don't want him out too early but all the same hope he doesn't cling on till 40 weeks..or even 42. Baby's head is engaged though so I'm hoping that's a good sign.

I've been having BH for weeks as well. In fact had to go to hospital weds as they were going on for 5 hours. They finally stopped but I didn't half feel sore.

Hope your biophysical goes well x

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2015, 20:05
by junglewonderland
VC and CC, I feel for you, I know just what that is like. So close but knowing it could keep going for a while! Hang in there, it won't be long now. Soon you will be holding your little baby and it will all be worth it. Being not pregnant is sooooo good, you don't appreciate it until you've been suffering for 9 months!

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2015, 13:01
by nearlymumtobabyfk
Hope your bio has gone well v_c. Big sympathies to you and cc - I've got 2 and a bit weeks left and am really feeling the strain. I absolutely can not wait to not be pregnant!

Re: Pregnancy updates - February

PostPosted: 23 Feb 2015, 13:57
by CaelaCoo

I've not been discharged as he has only gained around two weeks.
I now have to travel 30 miles everyday to be monitored on the machine for an hour. Another scan a week today, where if he hasn't grown much, I will be given a sweep.
If he hasn't come by 38 weeks and he's still underweight I will be induced on the 9th march.

There goes my water birth and free labour...

Least I can see a finish line now for definite but just can't understand how he has slowed down so much. For 36 weeks he followed the line beautifully. Now he's totally dropped off it and no one can understand or explain why.