talk to me about water births

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talk to me about water births

Postby CaelaCoo » 24 Jan 2015, 22:10

At the moment I'm still consultant led care so its currently not an option but he is hoping to discharge me to midwife led care at 36 weeks.

This means my labour will be much more flexible and I could potentially have a water birth-something I wanted with molly but was not allowed as I was consultant led care and therefore heavily monitored.

Everything I've read makes me like the sound of it but it would be nice to hear some first hand accounts.

Would you reccommened it?
If you laboured differently and then had a water birth next time round did you relax better??

I had a really stressful birth with molly so I would like to do it a bit differently this time. If you don't reccomend water births what would you reccomend.

I dont want a home birth as I think I would panic a bit more knowing medical help was at least 30 mins away.

So please natter away
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby mindy » 24 Jan 2015, 23:08

On phone so will be fairly brief - absolutely go for it. I had a straightforward but fairly hideous birth with Roo, every drug under the sun, tied to the bed, nauseous and disorientated with opiates and incredibly frightened and out of control.

I was so determined it would be different with Min. I prepared as much as I could, researching relaxation and breathing methods. I hired a tens, and used it with the breathing from the beginning of labour. DH was asleep for most of it, I happily managed alone downstairs with the tens and television. We went to hospital for 5.30am, was triaged then straight into the pool, and had her 30 mins later in the water with just a bit of gas and air. No stress, no stitches, no drug hangover - I felt amazing straight after, and Min was so much more alert than Roo had been, which I'm convinced was due to the lack of drugs and lack of stress.

I loved being in the water, and would highly recommend it to anyone. Good luck!
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby UnhappyRightFoot » 24 Jan 2015, 23:33

Just written a long post on Mindys post about it!!

I had both mine in a pool and they were lovely. Definitely recommend them! There is a certain amount of pain relief just from the water taking the weight off the bump! It also helps relax other muscles. I had gas and air with both births except for it running out just as pickle was crowning! But they were both straight forward and i can't imagine giving bith any other way!

I hope things work out for you so you can make the choice you would like.
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby Nix » 25 Jan 2015, 07:09

Just wanted to say that I wanted a water birth each time and wasn't allowed due to GBS and other issues but I managed my pain in a stress free way with my TENs machine, accupressure (combs!) and calm breathing/gas and air for pushing. I'm still sad i didn't get my water births as I had planned (I'm a bit of a water baby and love being in the water) but I am glad I researched other natural pain relief forms so I could still have a stress free birth.
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby Rahgamuffin » 25 Jan 2015, 07:10

I had with J and loved it as noone could touch me :D L was so quick we didn't get it up in time.

I had both J&L at home, and I don't think being in/out of the water helped much with the pain, but I felt safer and more relaxed in my own space in the pool. I'm not describing it very well, but it was a bit like having a water nest.
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby pirate_han » 25 Jan 2015, 07:15

B wasn't born in water as I had to have an emcs eventually, but I spent several hours labouring in the pool and would recommend it. It felt very right and i found the water helped me to relax. I would have had her in the pool if I could.
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby qbm » 25 Jan 2015, 08:05

Nix mentionned acupressure. I posted this last year. You might find it useful:

I had two water births and can't rate them highly enough. One of my very closest friends had a stressful first birth with complications but managed a water birth with her second and said it was night and day.

ETA On phone and link doesn't look like it's working - just search acupressure x
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby t&n's mummy » 25 Jan 2015, 13:39

I have also had two water births and am planning a third, just getting into the water is so relaxing and it seems to take some of the pressure off your back, it is so comfortable and when the baby is born, you sort of reach down and lift them out, it is so lovely I really can't rate it highly enough.
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby Kitcameron » 25 Jan 2015, 15:41

I wanted a water birth second time round but I was induced early and hooked up to a drip so didn't get one.

I was asked if I wanted one first time round but said I didn't know but was happy to try it as pain relief whilst labouring and then decide. When mw went to check it was in use so I missed out then too.

Sounds silly but I really wish I could have experienced it, but not enough to have a third child, and certainly not enough to try and find some way to simulate labour lol.
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 25 Jan 2015, 17:59

I wanted a water birth first time around but TheWriggler was too quick. Second time around I got in the shower first, which was brilliant. Then I had to get out so mum and DP could fill up the pool. That was the worst part of my labour and getting in the pool was heavenly. First time around I needed stitches, with TheBean I didn't have a scratch (and he was 9lbs13oz!) So yes, water birth if you can!
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby pimento » 25 Jan 2015, 19:29

I had a water birth with Little E. I specifically wanted to use it as a method for pain relief rather than floating in it for hours like I did with Big E (and ended up transferring to hospital anyway). So I basically got into the water as I hit transition and the relief was a-ma-zing. Hardest part for me was keeping my bits under the water as he was coming out (dangerous to push the baby's head out into air with the possibility of getting dunked afterwards as they start breathing). Totally do it!
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Re: talk to me about water births

Postby Fish&Chips » 25 Jan 2015, 22:51

I had water birth with C and it was the best thing ever! It was such a relief when I got in water I could hardly believe it. Very relaxing! I would definitely go for it!
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