Gaining weight

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Re: Gaining weight

Postby Fuz-Chan » 30 Jan 2015, 22:58

Haha DF, I wouldn't even let him try! He tends to go off the deep end.... I suppose the thing is that I do know I'm overweight so I wonder about it.

Yeah, they haven't gone there with the ridiculous belt, and if they do I will tell them to get stuffed. And crap, they probably don't realise the number of children I pick up every day working in kindy... better not mention that!

*edited for use of wrong "their". Hangs head in shame.
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Re: Gaining weight

Postby jvnt » 31 Jan 2015, 08:01

Oh yes, so many people post on the local fb group on how to cope with their older one as "their doctor told them it was dangerous to lift their one year old whilst pregnant'. Well yes, that would indeed be a puzzle for all the mothers in the world if that were true!
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Re: Gaining weight

Postby ches » 22 Feb 2015, 03:57

I gained 50 lb with J and 20 lb with T. I started 10 lb heavier with T and ended 20 lb lighter, pre-pregnancy weight before leaving hospital after a 2 week stay. The big difference was I did a lot of walking when pg with T. Also I swam in the 3rd trimester, which helped with fluid retention. T was nearly 1 lb smaller than J, which must have helped (8 lb 13 oz vs 9 lb 12 oz). With J I put on 15 lb in 3 wk from 2nd to 3rd trimester - all fluid. After all the swelling finally left I only put on 10 lb. (I weighed more on discharge than admission after 48 hr on a drip during labor/c-section/recovery.)

So basically, in my experience, exercise and swimming helps to keep both fat and swelling down, but no two pregnancies are alike. Weight isn't worth worrying about. You are going to get any weight-related conditions diagnosed early if they occur and they would be well managed so at the end of the day you and baby will be healthy.

Presumably you'll have an early c-section anyway and avoid the last minute huge baby pushing on vena carva swelling. (If there can be a silver lining about having a c-section.)
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