Pregnancy Updates - January

More little BLWers in the making... <rubs hands>

Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby t&n's mummy » 06 Jan 2015, 11:47

Oh is it? Mine seems to have cleared up at last... For now anyway.

Any advice on pillow arrangements for sleeping? I am so uncomfortable, I wake up in pain in the morning, I have one of those pillows at you lie in the middle of and I usually have a pillow between my knees too but my lower back is killing me.
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby Lily » 06 Jan 2015, 15:44

No good advice but lots of sympathy t&n'sm. I've got a DreamGenii pillow which does lower back and between-the-knees support as long as you stay on your left side, but I usually wake up lying on my back with bits of pillow twisted between my legs and spend half the night trying to get comfortable again.
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby nearlymumtobabyfk » 06 Jan 2015, 15:47

No great advice here re pillows either. I too need one between my knees to drop off, but then wake loads as I have to take it with me when I turn. I have to say the one bonus to having been I'll this week is that I've slept like a log for the first time in months. Not sure it's quite worth the trade off, but a silver lining at least...
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby NorthernKitten » 06 Jan 2015, 18:40

Induction tomorrow as waters have gone - just like with munchkin. Gutted as means lots of monitoring and restrictions, but guess healthy safe baby is the priority.

<insert expletive here>
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby pirate_han » 06 Jan 2015, 19:03

Good luck NK. I'm sorry you're feeling disappointed. Be safe, hope little one makes up for it when you meet them :) x
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby mamapup » 06 Jan 2015, 19:15

Good luck, nk. X
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby FestiveTidings » 06 Jan 2015, 19:19

Good luck NK
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby yorkshirepudding » 06 Jan 2015, 19:40

Hope it all goes well NK, thinking of you xx
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby PicNic » 06 Jan 2015, 20:28

Good luck NK. I hope that everything goes smoothly for you.
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby nearlymumtobabyfk » 06 Jan 2015, 22:42

Good luck nk. Hopefully bubs won't need too much of a nudge and will arrive smoothly x
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby Kitcameron » 07 Jan 2015, 09:00

Good luck NK, think about the end result, meeting your lovely LO and newborn cuddles. Hope you're not too upset
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby pimento » 07 Jan 2015, 09:12

Thinking of you, NK. Hope to hear your update soon :)
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby mindy » 07 Jan 2015, 09:53

Lots of luck for today NK, we will all be thinking of you. Fingers crossed for a straight forward induction and quick arrival of little one x x
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby Violet_Cue » 07 Jan 2015, 12:07

Good luck! Hope everything goes smoothly and that it doesn't take much to get going as your waters have broken already :).
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - January

Postby Treeb » 07 Jan 2015, 19:23

Good luck NK, I hope everything is going well for you! I was induced with L and all the equipment and monitoring were definitely a pain and not what I had planned on, but it still managed to be a good birth experience overall.

Just had an appointment today at 18 weeks. Baby was being shy and it took a while to find the heartbeat, but we did track it down eventually. Dr. was surprised at how tired I still have been, and is having me get bloodwork done again to test iron levels and also my thyroid. My iron levels were fine at last check and I don't think I have any other symptoms of a thyroid problem, but I guess it is good to have it checked to be sure. It would be nice if there was some magic cure to help me get a little more energy! We're now scheduled for our anatomy scan two weeks from today. I am very excited to see the baby again and find out what we are having!
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