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Re: Dealing with body changes

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2015, 00:29
by Violet_Cue
Mindy - I definitely had a lot more belly than I would have liked before baby moved up high... I think there was just nowhere for my tummy and organs to go and they popped before my baby belly did... once I was a few more weeks along I was getting more comments about how much smaller I looked than last time around! (Despite in fact weighing more.) I now am 33 weeks and look quite properly pregnant. My legs and feet are really starting to show the effects though so I feel they are looking quite sausage like - I am thinking a bit of that is swelling.

I figure I have a good bit of breast feeding and coping with two ahead of me, so committing myself to making good use of my wraps and stroller and taking them both out in the fresh air once the initial newborn winter phase is over and spring hits. :) Hopefully the combo will help. I am over the 200lb mark now, which I could never imagine for myself (pregnant or not) but am not terribly unhealthy, just having trouble putting on my own socks! Lol.