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Weekend away at 34+6... Wwyd??

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 19:08
by NorthernKitten
The weekend away isn't negotiable - family Christmas tradition. DH has just freaked me out saying we need to take baby car seat and hospital bags just in case... I was thinking more just my notes!! What would you take? I wouldn't be so worried, had my waters not broken with munchkin at 36+6...

Also, any tips for a 150 mile drive with a huge bump, a toddler, and a cat?? Already worked out the toddler will need lots of mr tumble on iPad... And snacks. Many snacks. Other tips?

Re: Weekend away at 34+6... Wwyd??

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 19:20
by catkin
Unless finances are really tight no I wouldn't bother taking stuff. It's v unlikely to be needed. You could always send the family or DH out to buy things in an emergency and you'd need different size baby clothes and stuff anyway. And if baby is that early you probably wouldn't be going home in a hurry, so carseat wouldn't be urgent.

Why the cat? That's going to be a cross cat isn't it?

If your toddler is like ours I'd say don't worry at all about them, they are/were easily entertained by looking out of windows, playing i-spy, singing songs etc. Maybe a story CD. Though if you can drive at/after bedtime then it might be more peaceful for you. If not we stop at services or something for lunch en route to stretch legs.

I'd take a cushion or two in case they'd help make you more comfy in the car. I found I needed something tucked into the small of my back in some cars.

Re: Weekend away at 34+6... Wwyd??

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 19:21
by t&n's mummy
Cushions! I would think you would be fine, especially if you thought so too, dh's can have a tendency to overreact a bit. Take notes but I don't think I would take the other stuff.

Re: Weekend away at 34+6... Wwyd??

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 19:22
by catkin
PS anything is negotiable when you're heavily pregnant if you want it to be. But if you go you hopefully get people to entertain the toddler and wait on you. Sounds good to me.

Re: Weekend away at 34+6... Wwyd??

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 19:36
by NorthernKitten
Thanks folks, more or less what I was thinking but you know what hubbies can be like!

Night time not an option for various reasons, so toddler will be awake. Cushions are a good call - will a corner one be too unwieldy?

The cat is the only one I'm not worried about - he's been up and down the motorway since he was a kitten. :-) just means we can't stop at services in the way we would sans feline... Although he and I are more than used to stretching his legs on a lead!!

There will be muchly pampering at the other end, fret not...

Re: Weekend away at 34+6... Wwyd??

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 19:42
by mamapup
Cushions! Think I pregnancy sleeping one could be folded in to stupid shapes as.needed.

Snacks.and music would work most of the time.with our toddler. Toys get.hurled but books.and ipad are our fall back
Books given easily,.ipad extreme.circumstances.

Re: Weekend away at 34+6... Wwyd??

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 20:15
by bigcatmaniac
Hiya - I did a return trip from Cardiff to near Edinburgh when 39+2 and 39+4 respectively, with toddler too. Not comfortable. I had cushions and a tens machine on low level on my back - but you are too early to use that yet. I also wore flight socks as I had quite a bit of swelling - but generally good even if you don't have odeoma for warding off DVT when sitting for long periods. I only took my notes and the car seat, figuring I would just have to buy new stuff if I needed too. As I'd already packed an overnight bag for the trip, that would have been my hospital bag, I would have just needed stuff for the baby. I had one vest, one baby grow and a couple of nappies in there. Normal size as I was full term. I was quite calm about it but DH was crapping himself and mapped out every maternity hospital en route just incase though. Nothing happened I hasten to add! Waters went on 40+0 and was induced the next day. I'd just go with it if I was you. Good luck. X