Pregnancy Updates - November

More little BLWers in the making... <rubs hands>

Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby mindy » 09 Nov 2014, 22:11

What a buggy bargain! Solves your dilemma perfectly RR. Will be intregued to find out exactly what scan they plan to do, but am so relieved you found the last one reassuring. Just had date for mine on 2nd Dec. Treeb, I could have written your post to the letter - let's hope this lethargy and disinclination towards romance passes when trimester 2 begins! Am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired......
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby Violet_Cue » 10 Nov 2014, 00:16

I just popped in to say hi, after realizing I disappeared early on. :)

All is well here, have boy #2 on board, playing with boy names, think we have one we like. Getting movement, getting bigger, haven't gained much, so maybe I can hope to weigh the same post baby as I did with J as I started out quite a bit heavier at the beginning.

Hips and back are starting to get bad. This weekend was the first time I really noticed. And getting a lot of tension type feelings in the lower belly at times, so think I have to watch over-doing it. I am really hoping to make it to 30 weeks at work (I am 21 now) especially since I am doing a lot of face painting on the side to try to make a few extra $$ and if I stop one I need to stop both... so post Christmas is the time to slow it down. Have massage 1x week as it is post car accident, so that may keep it at bay for a while.

Nice to catch up. :)
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby junglewonderland » 10 Nov 2014, 07:12

Hugs to those feeling sick and tired. And it's so hard not to overdo it, isn't it VC. Hope you can get to 30 weeks at work.

I'm 26 weeks and feeling huge, this bump is massive and at the stage where it needs to have a pillow under it in bed or it feels like it will fall off. My pregnancy support belt feels like it will squeeze all my gizzards out so it's lucky I have found the best pelvic floor app ever. I am finally doing my kegels, which had a sudden urgency after a sneezing/wetting myself incident!

We are finally settled in our new house which the nester in me is very happy about. I don't have this sense of looming dread anymore, esp as I'm planning a home birth. Are you still planning to move ph?
My little boy is just suddenly growing up heaps and can get undressed, wash him hands by himself etc, which I am super pleased about because he was so disinterested before, and he has 14 weeks til he will need to be a lot more self-sufficient!
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby Maggie26 » 10 Nov 2014, 11:30

Hi guys, sorry to be using the undercover name but not told family yet and there is a possibility someone might see so want to stay undercover for a while longer...

Still no Ms just general queasiness which gets worse with hunger. Feeling odd flutterings and v v tired, this is so different to both other pregnancies. Scan in dec so not too long to wait. Has anyone else not had Ms? I am worrying that it means there is a problem. But I have had a lot on my plate so maybe my body is being kind??
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby pimento » 10 Nov 2014, 11:39

I didn't have morning sickness at all with Little E but had very bad MS with Big E, so I think every pregnancy is just so different.
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby Kanga » 10 Nov 2014, 11:51

My sickness got less with each. With ds2 I barely felt sick at all & like you said was convinced something was wrong. Partly I think every pg is different b also I think life was busier & if it was just a little queasiness I didn't have time to notice iykwim, whereas with the first I analysed every single thing I felt.
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby RedRum » 10 Nov 2014, 12:16

I didn't feel sick with R but have been very nauseous this time round. No actual sickness though. I think every pregnancy is different. Congratulations, looking forward to the big reveal! X
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby Treeb » 10 Nov 2014, 12:28

I only vomited 2 or 3 times with L and have not at all this time around, but I'm having more general nausea this time around. Every pregnancy is just different!
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby pirate_han » 10 Nov 2014, 13:29

<avoids the sickness question> :D

Our potential buyers were on holiday last week so we're hoping to hear something early this week so no clue if we'll be moving or of timescales yet. I have my head firmly in the sand!

Had my 28w review this morning with the consultant (a nice one, for once). My placenta is still low, boo. I have a scan booked for 34w by which time it will hopefully have moved or there will be a whole lot of fuss about potential haemorrhage during delivery. And please everyone, fingers and toes crossed I don't start bleeding or I'm stuck in on bed rest! There is no frigging way they are keeping me in on Christmas Eve/Day - DH has bought me pink glitter converse for Christmas and I am damn well having them after this horrific pregnancy! :)
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby Lily » 10 Nov 2014, 14:35

Everything crossed for you ph! I had a low anterior placenta last time, and scan at 34w showed it had moved up a couple of cm clear of the cervix, at which point everyone seemed totally relaxed and there was no mention that it might still cause a problem. On reflection, it was probably the reason I had a PPH; certainly the consultant this time round seems to think so. Really hope you are spared all that - you deserve the smoothest possible birth after the pregnancy you're having!
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby Kitcameron » 10 Nov 2014, 15:51

I had a low placenta with SM too but by week 34 all was ok and the birth and after was fine.
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby FestiveTidings » 11 Nov 2014, 20:24

Although I'm no longer pregnant I just wanted to pop in and say that the I also got bloods at the 12 week scan- it's now procedure I think. My friend also had the same. Also I felt the wee one move from around 9 weeks - I think he implanted quite low down as it was only when I was sitting. I called him bubbles for ages as it felt like bubbles popping!
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby pirate_han » 12 Nov 2014, 09:29

We started watching Sons of Anarchy last night and my poor pregnant hormones are going crazy over Charlie Hunnam. I mean, oh wow. I am completely unable to concentrate on the storyline :D
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby nearlymumtobabyfk » 12 Nov 2014, 14:57

Ooh, I am yet to watch this p_h, you have just inspired me to get on it... I feel the same way about the American from Ripper Street...
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Re: Pregnancy Updates - November

Postby Lily » 13 Nov 2014, 21:16

My goodness this baby is wriggly! All that anxious waiting to feel a movement, and now it never bloody stops! I'm feeling it quite low down, which I hope is a sign that the placenta isn't too low - last time I didn't feel anything till very late on, because the placenta was cushioning it too much.
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