Well we had a bonkers morning... **birth story added!**

More little BLWers in the making... <rubs hands>

Well we had a bonkers morning... **birth story added!**

Postby Kanga » 25 Oct 2014, 18:08

...and now have a teeny tiny new boy in our family! Jude Malachi, weighing a diddy 7lb10oz (compared to the others who were 8lb 6 and 9lb2oz)

Finally got this written during night feeds :)

(Bear in mind with the other two I was contracting 24+ hours & in hospital 12+ hours before they were born.)

So, Thursday I was 40+1 & the midwife tried to do a sweep but could barely get to my cervix as it was so far back. I was hoping that was all it would take to being baby on so we went home quite deflated & another sweep booked for Sunday.

Friday evening I had quite a lot of tightenings but just one that was a bit uncomfortable before I went to bed so wondered if it meant anything but just went to sleep. I woke up around 3am with another uncomfy one then had 4-5 over the next hour. I was having to breathe through a bit which woke dh up around 4 & I said I though something was happening although they weren't that regular or long yet. I stayed in bed thinking I'd wait till it was a more reasonable time to ring my mum & cos I thought if I got up it would ramp up the contractions!

Got up at 7 & had a shower, gave mum the heads up & had breakfast. By this point the contractions were coming more or less on top of each other, I was having to stop & breathe through, but they still weren't very long. I rang the hospital about 8am anyway just so they knew I was hanging about and she said I should go & be assessed.

With ds1 I was contracting all day & only 4cm when I got to hospital so although this felt more intense & painful, as they were short I was sure we'd get sent home. Once mum arrived & we said goodbye to the children we got to the hospital about 9.30am.

We were on the midwife led unit, the midwife was on her own but had just discharged someone so once we we'e there she couldn't admit anyone else. I had 3 contractions while she was trying to get us settled & when she examined me she said I was 6-7cm! I couldn't believe it! She said the water was tight over baby's head & once water went baby would be here.

He was back to back so I got on all fours over a big bean bag with my gas & air. Contractions carried on thick & fast but never particularly long, just strong & effective & it wasn't long before I felt his head move down (or turn from back to back, I'm not sure!!) but i was still waiting for waters to go. I felt very pushy & was making involuntary noise so mw came in.

I hadn't peed so she suggested I try that enable baby's head to drop down. Struggled to get up in between contractions & was hanging on to dh once I stood up. As soon as I was upright I said to the mw it feels like its crowning! I couldn't help but crouch & push while dh held onto me. They managed to get me back onto the beanbag but the pain was intense cos my waters hadnt gone! Mw got dh to look at the bulging bag emerging (and I'm amazed he didn't faint!)

She unofficially ruptured the membrane which was such a relief then almost straight away she cried 'the head's out!!' Swiftly followed by the rest of him! The cord was quite right round his neck & there was a bit of meconium from the speed of it all, but he was fine. Time of birth was 12.05!

I had wanted her to help me breathe his head out as I'd had third degree tears with the others but she didn't even have a chance to get gloves on let alone anything else, but I still 'got away' with a second degree which she repaired rather than in theatre like the other 2! She said I breathed his head out nice & slow but none of it felt slow to me!

He fed quickly & for ages, obs etc fine despite the meconium & we were home by 6pm to put the other children to bed! Both the others I had to stay in because of the spinal/catheter for the stitches so it was really bizarre to be home the same day. I still can't quite get my head around the sequence of events, let alone the speed. Plus the fact he's so dinky compared to the others, its all made for a very different & quite surreal experience!

He is utterly gorgeous and the other 2 are very taken with him. I'm fairly sure any of my late pregnancy concerns are distant memories, once we get some more sleep & get through half term I think it'll be like he's always been here :)

Well done if you got through that!
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby Where'stheMistletoe » 25 Oct 2014, 18:15

Wow! Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing the bonkers details! :D
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby pirate_han » 25 Oct 2014, 18:15

Congratulations! :)
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 25 Oct 2014, 18:15

CONGRATULATIONS! I love his name. Enjoy your lovely baby snuggles. And I hope it wasn't too bonkers...
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby sabrina fair » 25 Oct 2014, 18:31

Congratulations! Lovely name.
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby Lioncub's mama » 25 Oct 2014, 18:58

Congratulations! Beautiful name!
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby PicNic » 25 Oct 2014, 19:02

Congratulations! Enjoy all those magical new baby snuggles.
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby mamapup » 25 Oct 2014, 19:03

Oh wow, congratulations! Ace name. Do share the bonkers story...
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby Treeb » 25 Oct 2014, 19:09

Congratulations! :bsmile
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby NorthernKitten » 25 Oct 2014, 19:16

Woop Woop! Welcome to the world, little man!
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby qbm » 25 Oct 2014, 19:36

Wow! Already?! Time flies :D

Congratulations!!! xxx
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby Marrow » 25 Oct 2014, 19:36

Congratulations! Sounds like a good story...!
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby Fozza » 25 Oct 2014, 19:37

Congratulations! Can't wait for the story :)
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby PerpetualMadness » 25 Oct 2014, 19:42

Congratulations! :-)
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Re: Well we had a bonkers morning...

Postby pimento » 25 Oct 2014, 19:47

Congrats and can't wait to hear the story :)
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