What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

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Re: What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

Postby scotrail » 14 Apr 2014, 22:10

12-15 kgs is ideal if you're normal weight to begin with. However, if you're overweight, the recommended weight gain is less, and if you're very skinny, it's more, if you see what I mean? That's 3.5kgs of baby, 800g of boob (!!).. I think also 800g of amniotic fluid, 750g placenta.. and about 6 kgs of fat which the baby can liposuction off you after birth through breastfeeding. What I have found which is a bit freaky is that the hormonal effect on smooth muscle tissue apparently includes my stomach -I've completely lost the feeling of being full, and have to watch how much I eat or I end up feeling really awful due to overeating, which is never a problem when I'm not preggers.

Being overweight in pregnancy does pose certain risks -although being pregnant is not a disease, it takes its toll on the body, and obviously if you weight a lot more than usual for almost a year, it is a greater strain for your cardiovascular system and muscles / tendons. It also increases the risk of pregnancy related diabetes, which again increases your risk for macrosomia and related birth complications.

But I don't think your weight gain sounds unusual -if 12-15 kg is average and recommended, as long as you stay within reasonable distance to that you're probably fine. The first time I was pregnant I put on 8 kgs in as many weeks before I even knew I was pregnant, but I ended up around the recommended limit at the end. I don't think it's uncommon to put on most of your weight at the beginning of your pregnancy -after all that's when there's still space for food down there!!
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Re: What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

Postby Kitcameron » 18 Apr 2014, 15:27

Think I put on about 10kg with G, slightly less than was recommended but I ate crap so hadn't thought I'd come under lol.

This time I have no idea as I don't know what I weighed at my booking in appt, or before, and have no idea what I weigh now lol.
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Re: What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

Postby SharkiesMum » 19 Apr 2014, 01:55

I got weighed yesterday at my scan (33 weeks) and they had my weight at my 12 week scan...I've put on 17kg which is more than I had expected but no one said anything. I feel the same size as I was last time. I'll put on more yet I'm sure...but hopefully not too much more.
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Re: What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

Postby jvnt » 19 Apr 2014, 02:06

Actually I just worked it out and I have gained 11 kg at 37 weeks - it isn't great as I was overweight to begin with but not tooooo bad - I think I was pretty much the same in the other two but this is actually the fittest I've been throughout a pregnancy - no major illnesses and lots of walking.

Kanga, giant babies are very much on mind. BD was 10 days overdue and 4.5kg, apparently this one is due to be 4.5 kg if I go 7 days overdue. It wouldn't be such a problem if they didn't hang about so long!
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Re: What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

Postby Kanga » 19 Apr 2014, 06:32

Hope this one doesn't hang around too long jvnt!! Mine were 3.8kg at 11 days over and 4.14 at 6 days over. I'm not tall & fairly petite so no-one could believe the size of ds!
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Re: What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

Postby mamapup » 19 Apr 2014, 06:54

Kanga, mine were almost exactly those sizes at term and I'm also slight (since you're taking my clothes I guess you know that). I have. 3.7 and 4.11 pair of babies.
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Re: What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

Postby tiyashrivasthav » 11 Sep 2014, 09:02

A woman who was average weight before getting pregnant should gain 25 to 35 pounds after becoming pregnant. Underweight women should gain 28 to 40 pounds. And overweight women may need to gain only 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy.
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Re: What's a healthy weight to put on during pg?

Postby deenamathew » 27 Sep 2014, 10:15

I was 45 lbs during my pregnancy. i had come across an information regarding the weight during preganncy hope that this can gibe the correct about this.

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