Love the name - hate the meaning

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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby Svea » 26 Mar 2014, 06:45

Is it a Latin 'meaning'? Often those can't be totally verified as rather a long time ago.

I see list Cassia as a female form of Cassius (=empty, vain) when I also know that Cassia can come from a plant mentioned in the bible...... for instance.
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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 26 Mar 2014, 06:51

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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby SparklePetal » 26 Mar 2014, 07:39

I think the personal meaning of the name to the family is more important than the literal translated meaning of the root word. If you teach your child the reasons you chose his/her name (beautiful sound, name of a loved great grandfather, character from a favourite book etc) then they will have security in that. My name means happiness, which is nice enough, but it only became important tome once my mum eexplained the context of what a long time they waited for me to be conceived and how precious I was when I finally turned up :D
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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby elaruu » 26 Mar 2014, 08:18

I just googled to find out the name you were referring to and it's my nephews name! I think it's a great name. i had no idea it had those meanings, and it doesn't make any difference to me. To me, the meaning of names is a non issue unless the meaning is very obvious. I have looked up the meaning of the names I have chosen or were considering out of interest but didn't use it in my decision making.

As DF said, finding out the meaning of your and friends' names has been a funny point of interest and nothing more. My kids' names do not have a family connection either but I would place more emphasis on that.
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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby fourweewonders » 26 Mar 2014, 08:46

I was torn between E's name - meaning sunbeam and Mara which means bitter. The meaning did help swing the choice
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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby Tintin » 26 Mar 2014, 12:41

If I liked a name, I wouldn't hesitate to use it, regardless of meaning. I don't even know what my name means. I'm sure I have found out, I'm sure when I was younger I had a bookmark with my name meaning on it, but I honestly can't remember what it is. I don't ever remember name meanings being a topic of discussion or interest at school. I have looked at name meanings in baby books when trying to choose names, but just out of idle curiosity, it would in no way away my decision.
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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby monkeydo » 26 Mar 2014, 16:57

Thanks for all the thoughts! Lots to ponder on! Still not made a decision but I‘ve got 4 months.
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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby Fozza » 26 Mar 2014, 21:49

It would put me off but I think people mostly ask 'where did the name come from?' or 'how did you choose it?'. Sometimes it's nice to say the meaning in response (rather than In a book!!!) but I don't think it's essential. You can say it fitted with his other names, etc.
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Re: Love the name - hate the meaning

Postby Brigitte » 26 Mar 2014, 22:10

Both of our girls have names with meanings we like. Our favourite boy name means "foot" and that's rather unfortunate. I'm glad we didn't have to make a final decision about that.

My name means "sorrow", and I'm certainly not that.

In the end, I think the biggest thing is that the child's personality will come to define the name. But if the name has a very obvious or very negative meaning, I would certainly be hesitant.
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