Can you transfer hospitals when you get to the end?

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Can you transfer hospitals when you get to the end?

Postby pirate_han » 30 Jan 2014, 18:27

I'm not pregnant, but interested to know if you can transfer hospitals towards the end of a pregnancy?

I'm asking as if we have another baby I will get HG again - I know it's not officially 100% but I will as my sister and mum had it with every pregnancy and it would be a bloody miracle if I didn't - and there's a hospital in the next city (that I would still be eligible for because the maternity unit at my local hospital has been shut down) where I have discovered there is a HG specialist midwife and consultant, which I would much prefer to be under than some plonker who dares to suggest ginger biscuits like last time. However, I would want a planned c section, and I wouldn't want it at this hospital because DH doesn't drive and it would be a complete nightmare for him and B to visit me. Last time my HG became manageable (ie sick once or twice a day) at around 24 weeks. Can you transfer then?
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Re: Can you transfer hospitals when you get to the end?

Postby robyn » 30 Jan 2014, 18:30

yes, in my case. I transferred post 20 weeks with greta, and didn't register until around 20 weeks with Ida.
look on the hospital's website, or just give them a ring and they'll tell you. my hospitals limit for transferring was something like 35 weeks, can't imagine you'll have any trouble as early as 24 weeks.
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Re: Can you transfer hospitals when you get to the end?

Postby Mummyto1 » 30 Jan 2014, 18:44

Yes. I changed at around 35 weeks with my second child, and a few weeks after my 20 week scan with my third. The only bother is you have to have another lengthy booking appointment at the new hospital (or do at both the different hospitals I transferred to) which seems a bit pointless at later stages, but was worth it for the change for me.

(With child two I was recommended a much closer and nicer hospital by an antenatal teacher concerned I wouldn't make it to my original choice (I wouldn't have!) and third time round was because I wanted a home birth but wanted to check all was well at 20 week scan before transferring to my local hospital as I didn't want to be under their care if I couldn't birth at home).
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