Water births

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Re: Water births

Postby EnigmaFish » 29 Jan 2014, 23:57

Damn. I want a water birth now too!
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Re: Water births

Postby GHJingle » 30 Jan 2014, 08:02

I wore a crop top bra thingy, mw fished out the poo, She used a mirror on a pole to check and gave me a mirror to check myself. She also had an underwater ultrasound thingy for listening to A's heartbeat.
I was in the pool for about 2.5 hours, don't remember being wrinkly either.
DH was in charge of catching A and handing her to me. It was amazing and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
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Re: Water births

Postby gingerbreadhouse » 30 Jan 2014, 09:47

EnigmaFish wrote:Damn. I want a water birth now too!

Me too! I've missed out three times: first time I was transferred to the big hospital just as the pool was filling, second time I was at home and we had no space for a pool (and I wanted to be at home more than I wanted a pool, iyswim). Third time, I was at home and the pool was ready but, whilst I *was* contracting, it didn't feel serious enough to get in (and tbh it didn't occur to me!), and then when it *did* get serious I only had about three minutes before he was born. Attempting to get a water birth isn't really the best reason for a fourth child, is it?!
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Re: Water births

Postby CaelaCoo » 30 Jan 2014, 19:34

I would have loved a water birth- really really really want one now

I couldn't have one last time as my pregnancy was classed as high risk-i have a low bmi.

If I do have another baby, I'm going to try for a water birth again
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