Drip for Active Third Stage

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Drip for Active Third Stage

Postby smlsave » 28 Jan 2014, 10:45

Has anyone had this? Did you have a cannula inserted when you arrived at the hospital or did they do this later?

Just been told that I'll be having the drip for third stage because of complications last time and I'm wondering what it entails.

I also wonder if this will stop the delayed cord clamping I want.
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Re: Drip for Active Third Stage

Postby biccytoria » 28 Jan 2014, 11:04

What were the complications last time? Is the drip containing the hormone for the managed 3rd stage, or is it for fluids in case there's another issue? You don't HAVE to have a managed third stage, the hospital are only telling you what they think you should do, you're within your rights to do your own research and reach your own conclusions.
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Re: Drip for Active Third Stage

Postby smlsave » 28 Jan 2014, 14:23

I lost too much blood and they don't know why or when. One min I was fine apart from tearing and the next I'm getting rushed to theater. Had 1.2 liters of blood transfused.

Its the drip for the managed third stage I think I'll be having (get told slightly different things each consultant I see) and I was wondering when they pop it in.

I'm tempted to say no to a cannula (They may want me to have one in case of blood loss) because I don't want my movement restricted.

*rolls eys*
First consultant says cannula but just injection for third stage.
Second consultant says no cannula and just injection for third stage
Third consultant says drip for third stage

Anyone who experienced any of these - I would appreciate hearing how you found it.
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Re: Drip for Active Third Stage

Postby Svea » 28 Jan 2014, 14:29

not having been in your shoes and knowing your conversations with various consultants, but you should ask about a canula in your hand and then it's there as and when needed in an emergency. they can inject the 3rd stage hormone and if things aren't working out as planned, have an inlet ready for them straight away for drip/blood/more drugs IV.

a canula in itself will not restrict your movement. it's simply an inlet waiting to be used. it does bruise you though...but may be a small price to pay.

if you ended up needing pain relief (epidural) then a drip is needed to stabilise blood pressure, so you would have a canula with a drip attached plus a epidural plastered to your back with a pump attached. it does restrict movement but i could still get up and swap with gravity to help babies descend (with DH's help). i wouldn't have been able to walk more than 2 steps with the epidural, for fear of collapsing...
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