tandem BF?

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tandem BF?

Postby Singale » 09 Dec 2013, 22:03

I know quite a few people here have done it. I know one person in real life who did it for several months.
But I think most have the older nurslings younger than Tigerle would be when little dot will make an appearance…

Though there's no guarantee that she'd even still nurse by then. Also, I think I've read about milk drying up after some weeks in to pregnancy, or that the taste of the milk changes… so I was more or less going to let things run its natural course.

But… just over the weekend my mum's asked over the phone in a concerned tone, asking when I'll be stopping - soon? (implying that she's afraid I might loose the baby if I continue nursing). So I told her I feel fine and that I'll just let things run its course.

Told DH of convo with my mum, then several hours later as we were cuddling/ nursing DH asked in passing if I have thought what I'd do if it turns out that there isn't enough milk?! So I told him I'll think about it when we comes to it. Acted quite cool & confident, said that my body hasn't let me down until now…

But I can't help but thinking about it. Tell me you never experience any of this? That your pregnancy is not negatively affected by the older one still nursing and that either the older one will stop voluntarily/ semi-voluntarily before the baby's arrival, or that everything will be fine and both will be provided to their requirements just fine?

Also I can't wrap my head around the change of the milk's composition as I have noticed that that changes with each stage of the baby's requirements… surely if there is a baby, then my body would know to fulfill the baby's needs first & produce accordingly? Would baby still get colostrum if the last nursing session the mama's done is with the older sibling just mere hours before the baby's birth?
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Re: tandem BF?

Postby robyn » 09 Dec 2013, 22:12

It's different every time.
Martha was 3.5 when g was born. My milk dried up at 18 ish weeks, she dry nursed until g was born. She wasn't put off by the milk going or the colostrum arriving a few weeks later. She then didn't like it when my milk came back and stopped, then started again for a while, finally stopping just before she was four.
G was 2y9m when I was born. It was the same until My milk came in. Greta's gone mad for it and feeds loads.
So, both times my milks gone for a short while before the colostrum arriving, and both times after an initial bit of oversupply I've produced plenty of milk for whoever wants it.
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Re: tandem BF?

Postby Allium » 09 Dec 2013, 22:24

Twink was 21 months when Squish was born. I had to restrict him for my own comfort, but I never noticed a dramatic drop in my supply. There was always milk there, but as my pregnancy progressed it changed to be suited for the new baby instead of the toddler. Squish was 2 when I fell pregnant with flops and she lost interest fairly early on. By 3 months she had gone two or three days without it and had lost her latch. I had no trouble producing milk for two though, and Twink went through a phase of wanting to nurse a lot more frequently after my milk came in!
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Re: tandem BF?

Postby StJuniper » 09 Dec 2013, 22:30

Your toddler will not affect colostrum production for your baby's birth. Milk changes to colostrum before the birth and stays that way until your milk comes in after the newborn arrives. P doesn't seem at all bothered by drinking colostrum although his bowel movements are very loose. I drink water almost constantly, but haven't had any negative effects. It's actually really really nice to be able to nurse your busy child when you're pregnant, peaceful and relaxing and cuddly when you don't have energy for playing or whatever. I've also heard from tandem nursers that an older child is great for those early days when your milk is drowning the newborn, but I guess that's only an issue if you lean to oversupply vs. undersupply, I always made P cough and splutter in the early days.
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Re: tandem BF?

Postby meerkatsmum » 09 Dec 2013, 23:22

Loose bowel movements here too. I also cut down for my own comfort although I seem to have less problems with that now. M has started having longer feeds and falling asleep on the boob in the morning (she'll fall asleep after half an hour but still want he boob in her mouth and then I can extract it and she'll stay asleep for a while) which she hasn't done since she was much closer to 1. She seems to want it a lot more.

She hasn't been bothered by a drop in supply (early on it affected feeding to sleep at night which was tough) or any change in flavour.

I was like you, take it as it comes, she'll wean when she's ready. If you take that approach though then you must be happy to be feeding a newborn and an older child. Some people don't mind nursing through pregnancy but the idea of feeding two overwhelms them. That's okay, but you need to deal with that emotionally and also plan for it in terms of weaning.

I've been a lot more tired this time round, not sure if that's nursing the toddler or just having a toddler! I do need to eat and drink more though.
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Re: tandem BF?

Postby Nix » 10 Dec 2013, 00:07

I had enough to keep feeding H at least one feed a day until the day Jasper was born. After J was born H was excited as the flow returned and he wanted lots of mummy milk like the baby. That settled down within a few weeks and we fed for another 5 months when he self weaned. I had none of the engorgement issues I had with H or P. And Harvey didn't have any trouble adjusting to his new role of big brother. I would definitely recommend!
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