Abnormal anomaly scan

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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby KatGoldLIN » 27 Jan 2012, 21:57


FWIW, 2 of my best friends have Klinefelter's Syndrome. Both were diagnosed as teens. N did have problems in school, but he thinks now most of that was growing up gay in Iowa and had nothings to do with his KS.

My other friend T is a stage actor and rather gorgeous man with 2 lovely little girls through the help of IUI and sperm from a bank. He was shy, but his parents were very very supportive and they helped him over come a lot of his challenges. In fact, he started acting to help him get out of his shell and with reading and memorisation. He still has to have his wife help him learn lines, but on the whole you would never know. In fact, he used to do improve with Second City in Chicago and was so amazing! (And I have to admit (here only) that I had the BIGGEST crush on him growing up. ;) )

You WILL do great mothering this little fella.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby PerpetualMadness » 27 Jan 2012, 21:59

(((((ke and family)))))
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby Pics » 27 Jan 2012, 22:04

I'm not sure what to say - that really is mixed news. It sounds like you have been given a glimpse of what your baby's character may be like, and you will be able to find ways of helping your child to grow up comfortable and happy by possibly talking to other parents with children who are similar in some ways. Maybe it may be helpful in the long run to be informed now, although the fact that you are told must make it feel like something 'wrong' whereas in the past it would possibly have just been put down to character.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby PicNic » 27 Jan 2012, 22:09

(((((((((ke002))))))))) I will continue to think of you and your family. I hope that having this knowledge now gives you and your husband the strength you need to prepare to be the perfect parents to your little one. I have no doubt you will get through this
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby ToothFairy » 27 Jan 2012, 22:45

{{{{{ke002 & family}}}}} this special boy is joining your family for a reason, and you and DH will be the perfect parents for him. KGs post above should give you lots of encouragement. We're all here for you whenever you need us.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby Seriously_Nutty » 27 Jan 2012, 23:16

{{{{{{{{KE002}}}}}} what a rollercoaster, and it must feel still so unanswered. It sounds very mild and I really hope you and your dh continue to find strength in all this.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby ches » 27 Jan 2012, 23:24

Mosaicism... that's the word I was looking for. Yes, T had mosaicism on the 1st chromosome (i.e. the sex chromosome), but his was not trisomy, it was missing material in 3/20 cultures. You should ask if the mosaicism is at all possibly a cultural artifact (i.e. a product of rapidly growing cells in the lab). Also, IIRC, you had amnio and not CVS, which means that only skin cells were cultured, no? We were told amnio would be entirely pointless in trying to narrow down where T's mosaicism was because only skin cells are sampled with amnio.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby Nix » 27 Jan 2012, 23:35

(((((((hugs for you and your family)))))

I know he'll be a lovely little boy and I hope his differences are hardly noticeable. X
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby twilightfan » 28 Jan 2012, 00:24

ToothFairy wrote:{{{{{ke002 & family}}}}} this special boy is joining your family for a reason, and you and DH will be the perfect parents for him. KGs post above should give you lots of encouragement. We're all here for you whenever you need us.


It's all a bit of a shock at the moment but I really think you can take some positives from what the doctors have told ((((()))) to you & your family
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby AB&M » 28 Jan 2012, 02:14

((())) coming late to this. You will be a great mum & at the end of the day knowledge is power & knowing this will help you help your LO fullfil his full potential in life.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby blossom » 28 Jan 2012, 04:40

((())) As TF said, I believe we are the perfect parents for our particular babies. I know this is a lot to process right now and you've been through so much. You and your dh sound amazingly strong. Even the way you've already conveyed your baby's potential condition shows how lovely you are and I know you'll handle this.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby marchemum » 28 Jan 2012, 13:12

Only just seen this update. ((())). Can only repeat what others have said above. You both will be PERFECT parents for your little baby and will be a wonderful loving family all together.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby RachelS » 28 Jan 2012, 14:16

I agree with the others, you will be amazing parents.
Sending more (((hugs)))
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby Aggie » 28 Jan 2012, 17:24

Thank you for all the lovely posts. They help a lot.
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Re: Abnormal anomaly scan

Postby skip » 28 Jan 2012, 17:47

((((ke)))) Enormous hugs and hope and strength to you and your DH. It's not the same at all, but when we were told that R could possibly be seriously brain damaged after his difficult birth, there was definitely a case of the consultants telling us (and rightly so, as it's important to be informed) EVERY possible outcome, including the stuff you don't want to hear, and the worst case scenarios. At that point in diagnosis, it's an enormously broad spectrum of outcomes for any "what if" situation. And in our case, they really had no way to predict exactly how it was going to turn out. There's no easy way to process it all, and everyone's different. I was (probably because of shock and some self-preservation kneejerk reaction) decided that everything was going to be absolutely fine (which, thankfully, it was). DH had a brief meltdown but then decided that whatever happened, there would be no question that we would adore him and that raising him would be an honour and a joy.

In the end, we've been told repeatedly that R really should NOT have a) survived and b) escaped without any sort of brain damage or health problems. Which is a bit of headfuck in itself. I don't know the specifics about the anomaly but as others have said, there's no single outcome destined for him - it could be unnoticeable, or it could shape his life in some way. That doesn't mean it will be a bad thing. Your lives will change inconceivably just by the simple fact of having another child, no matter who he turns out to be. You will love him and he will adore you, and it's going to be fine. x
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