Dressing up time!!

Don't panic, it's not tonight. Every so often we arrange to meet up online and talk rubbish. Not so different from the day-to-day, but with more people. Yes, it sounds naff, but just you wait... it's also oddly satisfying.

Re: Dressing up time!!

Postby ToothFairy » 28 Mar 2013, 20:17

Oh dear :D

Yes please to the kilt!
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Re: Dressing up time!!

Postby Pics » 28 Mar 2013, 20:36

Superwoman pants over the top ....?
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Re: Dressing up time!!

Postby FestiveTidings » 28 Mar 2013, 20:36

Not sure pants would actually go over a kilt .... :)
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Re: Dressing up time!!

Postby camper » 28 Mar 2013, 20:37

Have we just gone for a random Scottish theme to this Hen Party? We must have a theme. It's the law.
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