Once upon a time...

Don't panic, it's not tonight. Every so often we arrange to meet up online and talk rubbish. Not so different from the day-to-day, but with more people. Yes, it sounds naff, but just you wait... it's also oddly satisfying.

Re: Once upon a time...

Postby PerpetualMadness » 29 Aug 2011, 19:43

Took exception to
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Re: Once upon a time...

Postby TPM » 29 Aug 2011, 19:44

DD1 05/08, DD2 01/10 & DD3 04/12
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Re: Once upon a time...

Postby VanillaPickle » 29 Aug 2011, 20:09

...cornichons but was partial to roast potatoes dipped in Green and Blacks Mayan Gold chocolate only on Tuesdays. Today was....
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Re: Once upon a time...

Postby sparkling » 29 Aug 2011, 20:13

Wednesday so he had a long time to wait until his next fix. So instead he decided to...
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Re: Once upon a time...

Postby TwinklinGDecorations » 29 Aug 2011, 20:16

see what the flashing
So somehow it happened, my weaners are at school,
I'm still here though and people I'll try to fool,
with tales of advice giving and of wanting to know
But really here's the only place I ever want to go.
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