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Re: Nibbles?

Postby gingerbreadhouse » 21 Feb 2011, 20:33

Heidi wrote:And nachos :D

Nachos!!!! That's the word. I knew they had a proper name but could not for the life of me remember what it was :D :oops:
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Re: Nibbles?

Postby SparklePetal » 21 Feb 2011, 20:36

Heidi wrote:
DustyMcBrush wrote:damn you all and your food talk!!! must not eat crap, must not eat crap

Food eaten here doesn't count towards diets :D

But now you're all putting ideas in my head and none of you are here to stop me wandering out to the kitchen... good thing I don't have any of the things you're all eating! Sure there are plenty of other calorie-laden options though... off to search...
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Re: Nibbles?

Postby Tintin » 21 Feb 2011, 20:37

Nothing to do with me, obviously, but the baby would like a large piece of Allie's treacle tart as well as some of Skip's pavlova!
Another one for sushi, nachos (I need mine with chilli though - apologies to the veggies amongst you!), calamari, peanuts...

I'll chip in with some garlic bread, some olives, and some Gu choc/vanilla cheescakey-things!
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Re: Nibbles?

Postby Noir » 21 Feb 2011, 20:51

I make a damned good pavlova...but I have no eggs. Not helpful. I do have some rather scrummy Moroccan chickpea pate- if the girls haven't eaten any of it yet! I want pringles. I always want pringles!
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Re: Nibbles?

Postby skip » 21 Feb 2011, 20:54

Nachos!! It's so hard to find good nachos - with proper hot jalepenos!

It's a very good thing we have no food in the house right now....!
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Re: Nibbles?

Postby zeddy » 21 Feb 2011, 21:04

Party sausages!
And a box of Roses circa 1985... yum.
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Re: Nibbles?

Postby bimbambalooms » 21 Feb 2011, 21:18

Bowl of black olives, bowl of olive oil & balsamic vinegar with some rosemary and rock salt crusted bread ... Oh wait I AM really eating that.

Can I have some of those cheesy crisp shape things that were a staple at 70's parties can't remeber what they're called though.
Garlic bread and nachos ... yummy
Sausage rolls
Baked Camembert to dip into <drools>
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Re: Nibbles?

Postby blackberrycrimble » 21 Feb 2011, 21:36

bimbambaloney wrote:Can I have some of those cheesy crisp shape things that were a staple at 70's parties can't remeber what they're called though.

My peas are gone as well as my marbles.
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