What are your OH's doing?

Don't panic, it's not tonight. Every so often we arrange to meet up online and talk rubbish. Not so different from the day-to-day, but with more people. Yes, it sounds naff, but just you wait... it's also oddly satisfying.

Re: What are your OH's doing?

Postby shye » 14 Sep 2010, 20:30

oh dear, now he's decided it's necessary to look over my shoulder at this phenomenon (but he's just nipped off to the loo saying 'i better not miss too much!)
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Re: What are your OH's doing?

Postby Heidi » 14 Sep 2010, 20:34

Getting dressed to go the pub. Traditional Tuesday night activity here.
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Re: What are your OH's doing?

Postby AB&M » 14 Sep 2010, 20:37

He hasn't come home yet. Last I heard he said he wouldn't be late but he was in the pub having done team appraisals.

I'll be leaving the spare room door open for him I think!
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Re: What are your OH's doing?

Postby TwinklinGDecorations » 14 Sep 2010, 20:38

Sat a few feet away on the desktop looking at boats we cannot afford. He has however painting the hallway a gorgeous turquoise this evening. Coat 2 tomorrow - Woo Hoo.
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Re: What are your OH's doing?

Postby MrsC » 14 Sep 2010, 20:53

He's been nagging me this evening to do some coursework for a new module I've just started on a course. He thought I was working on it and was dissappointed in me for going to the party instead. What can I say? I ordered two books that will be relevant from Amazon, that's enough work for one night, right?
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