Should I agree to this?

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Should I agree to this?

Postby hazELLEnut » 28 Oct 2011, 13:18

I've been approached by another blog with the idea of them featuring some of my poems on their website, either on a weekly or a monthly basis. The blog (I won't give the link, as I don't want this post appearing in search engines, but if you Google tidybooksblog as 3 separate words you should get it) is run by people who make lovely children's bookcases, and it features various articles about children's literature in general.
Part of me is excited, but I'm also slightly wary. There's the obvious issue of copyright to be sorted, but I also realise that if I were ever to be published (a huge 'if', as the one agent I sent my stuff off to rejected it immediately - admittedly I haven't been trying very hard) it's probably best not to have too much out there on the internet. At the moment I only get a couple of hits on my blog once in a blue moon, so I could probably plausibly argue that only friends and family read it. But if I opened up my stuff to a wider readership, it might be more of an issue. Or am I worrying about nothing? It's not as if I'm ever likely to get published anyway, I suppose.
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Re: Should I agree to this?

Postby ches » 28 Oct 2011, 13:24

I think the wider you're read, the more likely you are to get published. I would assume that the stuff you put on your blog would not be published and as for copyright, you may have given that away in your blog software agreement, or at least prohibited a publisher from assuming it, hence anything you get published having to be new material.
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Re: Should I agree to this?

Postby blackberrycrimble » 28 Oct 2011, 13:56

Can you try it out and then change your mind if you need to?
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Re: Should I agree to this?

Postby CherryPop » 28 Oct 2011, 13:57

Exactly what ches said. DH never published items on his blog that he also submits for publication, and saves his best short stories for future publication, rather than just putting them all up there. When he's published, he invariably has to sign a disclaimer that he hasn't published the material anywhere on the internet (including his personal blog). So that's what I suggest you do - stuff that you love, that you would really like to see in print, don't put it on your blog.

Do go for it though - you'll increase your readership and get an idea of what people like ;)

Good luck! And well done :D
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Re: Should I agree to this?

Postby wacky12 » 28 Oct 2011, 14:25

just read some - they are very good.
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