Complete blog virgin with daft qu!

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Complete blog virgin with daft qu!

Postby A_W » 25 May 2011, 21:51

Hello there,
Just been thinking that I'd like to write more and maybe a blog was for me. Main reason being I want to have something to show my children when they are older and leave something behind if I get hit by a bus (sorry to be morbid but I do worry about that sort of thing) :oops:

But a simple question. If you start a blog, how do you know it will last for years? Will it still be around in 20 years and will technology still exist for us to read it?

Is that a daft question?

Was thinking it's just like a diary but my handwriting is so bad and gives me arm ache now since I type everything, no one will be able to read a normal diary!

I want to write stuff that is in my head, do a sort of diary, put up some favourite pics and just make my life at home with the children seem more real.

I'm not bothered about sharing this. Just for me really and my dh and children. Can you make blogs private?

Cheers, A x
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Re: Complete blog virgin with daft qu!

Postby ches » 25 May 2011, 23:33

To answer your question, it doesn't "just" stay out there. For instance, Yahoo! recently shut down Geocities and a bunch of 10-yr old websites went poof. When you host a blog externally, the companies are usually reasonable about contacting you ahead of shutting down, but ultimately the responsibility is yours to back up the data, just like looking after diaries and printed photographs is.
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Re: Complete blog virgin with daft qu!

Postby shye » 26 May 2011, 05:26

You can make blogs private but if that's your intent, why not just make a typed diary on your computer?
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