How do I blog?

All you Baby-Led Weaning diarists, please discuss the ins and outs of the available blogging software, hardware, tupperware etc right here.

How do I blog?

Postby upsidedownem » 13 May 2010, 22:01

Have not a clue where to start or how it all works? Is it free? Where do go to start up?

Any advice?

Thank you.
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Re: How do I blog?

Postby AB&M » 14 May 2010, 06:19

You can get a free blog fom blogger & other blog hosting sites.
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Re: How do I blog?

Postby SparklePetal » 14 May 2010, 11:42

go here and get one free that is hosted by wordpress.

Then the world's your oyster!

I just made it up as I went along (didn't even have to go whining to DH for help!) It does help if you're familiar with your computer and your digital camera / photo editing software. Though of course your blog could be words only or not use your own pics.

Do you read blogs? Look at some of your faves and think about what you like about the presentation etc. And you can always change the look of your blog after it's up and running too.
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Re: How do I blog?

Postby CherryPop » 14 May 2010, 12:12

Definitely have a look at some blogs, to help you get an idea of the style you like and what sort of thing you want to write about. I use blogger as I use googlemail for email so I already had an account, but it was very easy to set up and there's a number of templates you can use until you're confident enough to try your own!
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Re: How do I blog?

Postby beabastitabs » 20 May 2010, 19:18

Hi, I was exactly the same as you, I didn't have a clue.

It was really easy, I used blogger from google, you learn as your going along really.

I loved doing mine, I'm going back to work next week so I've brought it to a natural conclusion as Tabs is now one, but I was reading through it the other night and it is a really lovely record for her to see how she did or how we did together!

Enjoy it, but I must is addictive!!! :D
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