Now, I’m posting this in Finger Foods rather than Recipes because it wasn’t me who made the green lentils that Babybear so enjoyed. In fact, we were round at her Auntie Jen’s house playing with the magnificent Bubby when hunger struck and I, being quite the inadequate parent, had nothing with me.

Luckily, Jen was boiling up an enormous vat of big, flat green lentils and, their cooked volume having taken her somewhat by surprise, she was only too happy to give some to Babybear.

It was messy, yes, so not the best thing to eat at someone else’s place but Jen, being the mother of a strapping 8-month-old, was armed with a top-class Dustbuster and so we were able to leave her relatively unscathed.

I believe the recipe was ‘rinse lentils, add water, boil until cooked’ with no other flim-flam, but really they were delicious. Lentils do taste nice, but I would tend to add things to them so I think I’d forgotten just how nice. Babybear grabbed them by the handful and crammed them into her mouth, clearly really enjoying them, it was a pleasure to watch. (She’s recently started to hum appreciatively when she’s having a good meal, it’s very cute.)

The nappies, as you might expect, were interesting, but Babybear suffered no ill effects whatsoever and they are such a good source of protein that I’m going to make her some more (this time with butter and onion and sage leaves – I can’t help myself) later on this week and will knock up a recipe then.

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  1. Nia says:

    This is great! I’m looking for iron sources with BLW since my little one doesn’t get any formula and won’t take any spoon fed cereal. Think it’s OK to try with a 6.5 month old?

    • Aitch says:

      I’d say, broadly speaking, you can try just about anything with them, so long as you are prepared to let them be rubbish at it and not worry too much about it. Stick to the usual no salt, no honey etc rules, obv.

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