Baby Led Weaning

Advice from mums of allergicky babes

Hi. Have been reading through this site & found it so interesting. SweetPea is 6 months old now and we’re wanting to go for BLW. I did try her on babyrice last week (she’s quite sicky and I was hoping it would do the job of gaviscon without resorting to gaviscon) but she wasn’t having any of it (whereas quite happily sucks away on apple/pear segments).

She’s got quite nasty eczema, which seems to have improved a fair amount since I cut dairy out of my diet a couple of weeks ago (she’s exclusively breastfed) – so I’m guessing that she has a dairy intolerance at the very least – and possibly other sensitivities/allergies (my sis is very allergic).

I’ve read the info on here about allergies, but was wondering how it worked in practise – if we were going down the puree route then we’d offer the same new food in isolation for 3 days before moving onto the next new one. Does the same go for BLW (ie I offer her sweet potato chips for the next 3 days then try something else) or is that not proper BLW? Would be interested to know what others have done in a similar situation.