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Ludicrous Canape Product Recommendation

In fairness, the person who sent me this email does seem to recognise how bizarre this is but she does a lot of entertaining so therefore has a need for a canape maker, unlike most inhabitants of the known world. But wait, BLW fans! What could be yet another £20 wasted at Lakeland Limited is suddenly a must-have…

Whomovedmychocolate says:

“I just bought a Lakeland canape maker – it’s like a sandwich toaster but it makes little walnut shaped pastry shells (yeah I know, posh or what!?)

But I discovered you can put small lumps of bread dough in it and make little round bread shells which you can fill with cream cheese and salmon etc for babies) and they are just the perfect size for grabbing.

They are also pretty cool for transporting because you can make up the shells using two of them, put them in a pot and take them with you (although you get the same amount of mess out as home – but hey, hopefully it’s on someone else’s floor so you don’t have to clear up).

It’s one of these.”

And it can make 120 in one hour… lolol…

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2 Responses to “Ludicrous Canape Product Recommendation”

  1. Esther says:

    Looks like its been discontinued! :-(

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