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Adad's Bean Dip Recipe

Yes, he’s a dad. We let them sneak on occasionally just to make the place look purty. .

Bean dip

A ‘dip’ recipe but makes a nice thick and clingy spread, so, it can be put on rice cakes, toast or used as sandwich filling.

1 tin of pinto beans
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tomato [skinned and seeded]
1 minced garlic clove
bit of ground cumin
handful [or less] parsley
spring onion
seasoning optional!

whizz all up in a blender or food processor

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3 Responses to “Adad's Bean Dip Recipe”

  1. isti says:

    can i give it to my 6 month old baby?

  2. Shared parent says:

    Good recipe, though time to stop perpetuating the idea that the father’s role isn’t just as important. It’s just as ridiculous as suggesting a woman’s place at the office is just to make it look purty.

    • Aitch says:

      I see your point, and for the record the post was made to joke with Adad himself back when the site was a LOT smaller and we all knew each other through the comments. However there’s no equivalency whatsoever re women in the workplace given that even in this age of equality women still get paid less for being in the same office and still do the majority of housework and childcare. So in my opinion it’s satirical, and it stands up on those grounds. The recipe IS good, isn’t it?

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