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Aaaand we’re back in the room… did you all break breastfeeding while I was away?

Well happy days, I’ve been out at a funeral eating curled-up gammon sandwiches and unusually firm chicken goujons with my now TWO-year-old daughter – the other one, a certain Babybear of these pages, is now FIVE <faints> – and meanwhile I see the world has gone to hell in a handcart. Breastfeeding, it seems, is rubbish. Honestly, I leave for one day… (might have been nearer two years actually, but that’s what having a couple of kids does to you).

So ya know, an international news story with weaning at the core… what better day than to launch the newer, purtier BLW blog? Let’s do it. Expect further communication on this matter. I bet you cannot WAIT.

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4 Responses to “Aaaand we’re back in the room… did you all break breastfeeding while I was away?”

  1. bimbambaloney says:

    Nice to see you back lady!

    See, just as I get the hang of this breastfeeding lark the media pronounce formula is better and that I should get her off breastmilk ASAP. Oh well will just bumble along doing what my baby demands of me.

  2. claire says:

    Welcome back :o)

  3. Thell says:

    I’m just popping back too, after a…^three^ year hiatus !
    Gorgeous site. Am finally expecting child #2, so will hopefully be popping back in the not-too-distant future :o)

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