Baby Led Weaning

People around us and their definition of choking

This post is really more of a rant than a fact or experience or anything useful like that. My current bugbear is the use over-use of the work 'choking'. Relatives are always saying Boomer is 'choking!'.

Choking to me is a severe restriction or blockage of the airways resulting in no air getting in, NOT a slight gulp/sneeze/snivel. She can be quite happily eating bits of food, without even any gagging and people around her are convinced she’s choking. Are there subtleties to the word choking that I am unaware of?

Plus they do that annoying baby ventriloquism to express their views… “Oh she’s saying Mummy, why can’t I have a bit of strawberry tart?”. No, she’s not, she’s trying to eat a paper napkin. And nor would she like a bit of sugar on her fruit to sweeten it up, while we're about it.