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Organix Moon Biscuits

Och, I've just realised that I've thrown the box out. Anyway, they are nice, blah blah organic, blah sweetened with grape juice, no hydrogenated fats etc etc. And what's more, they are shaped like little moons which makes them super-easy to hold onto. Which has got me thinking, my baby led weaning chums, that what we need is a biscuit/rusk recipe that we can bake ourselves (therefore we won't be paying through the nose for them) and shape into crescents. I'm hitting the internet now, expect radio silence until I have come up with something sensational.

Oh, and I know that Organix makes lots of little vegetable puff crisps which are useful if you are trying to hang fire on gluten but here's the thing… if you don't need to eat them, I wouldn't. Because it strikes me that they look just like Wotsits, and I'm quite keen that Babybear does not pick up her father's former crisp habit (he was a ten bag-a-day man, or so he tells me) so I'd rather not teach her that some crisps are okay but some aren't.
That's it. Expect radio silence NOW.

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5 Responses to “Organix Moon Biscuits”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've thought about, but not got round to making Mawbroon's oat biscuits with hot apple juice rather than the hot water, but not sure you use enough for there to be enough sweetness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've just tried the kids' cookie recipe from Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess book and it works fairly well with apple juice substituting for some of but not all of the sugar and a good deal of jiggery pokery with the flour. Once I've perfected it, I'll keep you posted. This is quite a good one because older siblings can get involved with cutting the shapes.
    BTW I've just made Mawbroon's oatcakes with Scott's Porridge Oats – don't do it. They're bloody awful! Like flatjacks without the fun or the sin. Hal won't touch them. Gnawed at them disconsolately then dropped them repeatedly while looking me, accusingly, straight in the eye.
    I am quite willing to believe Mawbroon's are better made with finer oatmeal, but being geographically challenged – ie living in London where you can get any other cuisine on any given street corner but try finding decent oatmeal – I'll have to wait until I come north to the Motherland to get my oats. So to speak.

  3. Anonymous says:

    of course, i was able to find two grades of oatmeal available at my lcal fruit and veg shop… we really are more civilised up here i think. did you post about the porridge oats on the recipe?
    and i might need more detail on the jiggery-pokery as well, so i look forward to your update. I've found a french rusks recipe which i'm tres excited about, so i'll give it a try too. possibly tomorrow, even.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know why the moon biscuits are specified for 9 months plus? I can't see any reason why younger ones can't eat them, but am resisting giving one to my daughter (7 months) just in case there's something sinister I don't know about… but she can happily munch pitta breads, rice cakes, toast etc. so… ??

  5. Anonymous says:

    i've just gone with the assumption that they are designated 9 months plus because if you were being weaned the puree way then by 9 months you should be able to eat them without gagging. i don't have the box on me at the moment but i'm sure i looked at the ingredient list and found it fairly inoffensive. So, Chloe, i guess what i'm saying is that BLW babies are just terribly, terribly advanced for their ages…
    That's what i assumed, anyway, if anyone actually knows something i'd be all ears.

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