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Blackened peppers with cream cheese

Babybear really likes these and they are easy to make so I'm happy to oblige.

You can grill the peppers or oven-bake them but I find the easiest thing to do is stick a fork into the bit where the stem is and then lay it onto the gas ring… I mean, I'm not actually recommending that you do that as it's probably some sort of hellish fire risk so I couldn't possibly… but it's certainly what I do. Turn the pepper round when it starts to soften and bubbles of brown/black start appearing. Should smell LOVELY, by the way.

When it's done all over, stick it in a plastic bag and let the skins steam for a while. I tend to wash/rub off the burned bits under a cold running tap which has the advantage of cooling the peppers down. There was some publicity a while back about burned things having a carcinogenic effect so I am always pretty careful to scrape off any bits that are left.

Don't get me wrong, these aren't completely soft peppers, they still have a bit of bounce to them, but the gas ring thing takes about 5 minutes and really takes the edge off the raw taste which I myself amn't that fond of.

Then, you know, slice the three cheeks of the pepper and then you'll probably be left with one longer thinner bit. Oh god, you know how to cut up a pepper. I think I normally cut the bumcheeks in half (ouch!) so I end off with a good few long pieces.

Anyway, spread some Philly or cream cheese on the slices and there you have it. Babybear likes them and you can leave the pepper pieces in the fridge for a couple of days. God knows I've probably totally over-explained this 'recipe' but the point is that at least it's not more bread and cheese…it's peppers and cheese.

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6 Responses to “Blackened peppers with cream cheese”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This sounds great Aitch, I'm going to try this out this lunchtime since I'm having the rare experience of actually being in the house. Anyone would think I'm scared of becoming a homemaker.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Minky had pepper in her spag bol last week. I thought she was spitting it all out in disgust but in fact she was sucking the flesh off the pieces and discarding the skin. Clever baby – no need for lazy Mummy to peal the pepper.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You see, I don't think you've explained this recipe enough. I tried it this morning. Firstly, it did not smell lovely, it smelt of burning. Secondly, I set fire to the stalk. Thirdly, I could not get the fork out of the pepper so I had to put the whole lot in a plastic bag. This led to, fourth, the bag melting and me not being able to get the pepper back out. Fifth, the burnt bits wouldn't come off leading to cancer guilt. Sixth, Minky wouldn't even pick it up. I'll stick to burgers…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ohh, mine worked a treat. And the Pumpkin scoffed them down as fast I as I could give them to her (my Mum got quite a shock when she changed her nappy though, not for the first time she wondered what on EARTH I was feeding her darling grandaugher).
    Thanks for an easy lunch that isn't bread and cheese.

  5. Anonymous says:

    blimey, what size of ring did you put your pepper on, moomin? i use the wee one with the support bit for the coffee pot. and i don't think you've explained how a fork (metal) got stuck in a pepper (organic material). couldn't you just have used another fork to push the pepper off?
    as for the burned bits, are you sure that your cancer guilt might have sprung as much from the fact that you were feeding your daughter melted plastic bag..? no wonder the ever-sensibe Minky didn't want to touch them. maybe take it a bit slower next time? honest, the smell is lovely, really and truly.
    oh, we did your chickpea burgers the other day, they were absolutely magnificent, all three of us loved them. onion bhajis next.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Alternative approach to the peppers: slice them into about 3 flattish bits lengthways, put them under a hot grill until totally black. They will smell burnt. Then put them in freezer bag, or bowl with clingfilm on, wait 10 mins until a bit cooler and the skin comes off easypeasy.
    This is for those of us who can't really be trusted around hot things.

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